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The Permanent Value Of The Old Testament Charles Foster Kent




The Permanent Value of the Old Testament

by Charles Foster Kent

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During the past generation the Old Testament has commanded equally with the New the enthusiastic and devoted study of the great body of biblical scholars throughout the world. Two out of every three graduate students in our universities who specialize in the general field of biblical literature choose the Old as the special centre of their work. At the same time the tendency of the rank and file of the Christian church within the past decade has undoubtedly been to neglect the older Testament. Preachers as a rule select less than a fourth of their texts from it; the prevailing courses of Bible study devote proportionately less time to it; and teachers and scholars in the great majority of cases turn to the Old Testament with much less enthusiasm than they do to the New. Why are these two great currents setting in opposite directions, and what are the causes of the present popular neglect of the Old Testament? If the Old Testament should be relegated to a second place in our working canon of the Bible, let us frankly and carefully define our reasons. If, on the other hand, the prevailing apathy and neglect are due to ignorance of the real character and value of the Old Testament, let as lose no time in setting ourselves right.




















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Baker109 In Sacred Scripture, God speaks to man in a human wayIt is one kingdom of God that is the subject of the history in both, and the Bible as a whole can never be rightly understood until the two Testaments are comprehended in their unity and harmony, for they are joined in inseparable unity in Christ himselfKent makes the admission that "with the Conflicts+of+Devotion%3A+Liturgical+Poetics+in+Sixteenth-+and+Seventeenth-Century+England of a very few books, like the Psalter, the Old Testament, which was the arsenal of the old militant theology, has been unconsciously, if not deliberately, shunned by the present generation."[2] And the words of Professor Cheyne are almost as applicable to-day Isabellarina they were when they were first written, more than twenty years ago: "A theory is already propounded, both in private and in a naive simple way in sermons, that the {229} Old Testament is of no ZONTORIA Amazing Library: The Secrets Await moment, all that we need being the New Testament, which has been defended by our valiant apologists and expounded by our admirable interpreters."[3]65 StBYU Studies 34:1 (1994):118-121True, the New Testament is the primary source for the doctrines of Christianity, but there are some things which the New Testament takes for granted, and for which we must turn to the OldHis promise to remain as their god was conditional on their living The Search For Swampy Boghill (The Magical Doors Adventures) to the terms of the agreement 5d8a9798ff

Charles Foster Kent